Left Behind

You told me you’ll stay
That you will be there
When the skies get mad
When the oceans cry

You told me you will be happy
Even when the flowers wither
Or when the leaves fly away
Or when the soil decided to be alone

You told me you’ll never look away
That you’ll capture everything
May it be the sun peeking to say hi
Or when it blushes while saying goodbye

But now all I can see is you
Trying to force the tears back
To those dim sphere crystals of yours
Which were once glittering pair of gems

I can see you looking anywhere but here
Escaping the gaze you once hold dear
Staying silent while I wait for your voice
Expecting the words I never thought I would hear

I am looking now at your broad back
Your arms as they sway back and forth
Your feet as they shakily taking another step
Going further and further from where I stand.


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